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KDA Trafficking AWareness & Prevention Curriculum


To provide NGOs with the state-of-the-art tools to improve training against sex trafficking in their communities.

To equip airport and Hotel staff with working knowledge in sex trafficking.

BEAUTY IN EVERY LIFE (BIEL) – Keep Dignity Alive Project

The mission of BIEL Keep Dignity Alive Project is to provide evidence-based training to organisations and individuals ready to prevent sex trafficking, while supporting survivors to attain a high quality of life.


Online KDA Trafficking awareness course for families and the public Certification KDA Trafficking Prevention Course for hotels and airports The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Survivors


Reduction of victims of Sex Trafficking
Empowering survivors to make a decent living through entrepreneurship


30 euro per month or one-time
50 euro per month or one-time
100 euro per month or one-time

We invite you to join us in our fight against trafficking and achieve your cause-related marketing.