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Our Mission

Trafficked victims and refugees are often vulnerable and could easily become targets of sexual exploitation and forced labour. They seek greener pastures in Europe, only to arrive and face unanticipated hardships and loss of confidence.

According to UNCHR, half of the refugees and trafficked victims are women. On their way to Europe, they suffer physical and emotional abuse – including sexual and financial exploitation – which strips them of their dignity and confidence. Despite these challenges, the women tend to be resilient and do whatever it takes to support themselves and their families.

Given opportunities and support, these women can contribute to the cultural diversity, innovation, and workforce of their host countries.

She Blossoms Africa empowers African female refugees and victims of trafficking to express their full potential and become financially independent by providing them with skills training, supporting and promoting their innovative ideas and raising their confidence to seek meaningful employment.


Our goal is to accelerate integration and improve the livelihoods of African refugees and victims of trafficking to become more integrated into the society, gain meaningful employment or start their own business.


The pilot training program runs for 12 weeks, in 3 stages. The first stage focuses on personal development, integration and self-esteem training to improve the confidence level of the migrant women for better social interactions and integration. The second stage focuses on skill development to increase their chances of being employed or becoming freelancers. The third and final stage focuses on mentorship and networking for accountability and support.

Phase 1 : 12 weeks training

  • Life skills development
  • Financial literacy & planning
  • Cross-cultural training
  • Confidence training 
  • Enterprise development

Phase 2 : 12 weeks Mentoring

  • Continuous support
  • Training reinforcement 
  • Experience sharing

Phase 3 : Matchmaking

  • Job search support
  • Business plan support
  • Recruitment of faculty for future program


Nigerian Address:

30 Mbonu Street, Port Harcourt

Netherlands Address:

Van Hoeylaan 29, 2594CN, The Hague


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