BIEL MIndset & CONFIDENCE Workshop


Given opportunities and support, migrants can contribute to the cultural diversity, innovation, and workforce of their host countries.

BIEL empowers African migrants to express their full potential and become financially independent by providing them with skills training and confidence-boosting tools to speak up and boldly ask for what they want to advance their career.


  • Personal development, integration and self-esteem training to improve the confidence level of the migrant women for better social interactions and integration.
  •  Skill development to increase their chances of being employed or becoming freelancers.
  •  Mentorship and networking for accountability and support.

Date To Be Announced

Day 1 : training

  • Life skills development
  • Confidence training 

Day 2 : Mentoring


  • Financial literacy & planning
  • Cross-cultural training

Day 3 : Matchmaking

  • Job search support
  • Business plan support
  • Networking



Van Hoeylaan 29, 2594CN, The Hague Netherlands

30 Mbonu Street, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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