BIEL Mentorship Program for Future Leaders

Join us for the inaugural BIEL Mentorship Program For Future Leaders to help you build your self-esteem, develop your leadership and navigate cultural bias. 

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BIEL Mentorship is a 3-day leadership and personal development program for the next generation of leaders.

The program is designed to help young women and men of African descent and people of an ethnic minority in Europe to develop greater confidence, learn valuable leadership skills, receive one-on-one mentorship with experienced leaders, and have access to internships and full employment.

For whom?

The BIEL Mentorship Program is for young women and men who want to:

• Develop valuable leadership skills
• Gain job readiness skills
• Become more confident
• Navigate cultural differences and biases
• Network with peers and employers

Why Leadership Skills?

Leadership development equips people with the right skills to make important life choices, enhance productivity, and take responsibility for maximizing one’s potential. Growing your leadership will prepare you to lead yourself and others.

Here’s What We Will Cover

Session 1: Know Yourself

Session 2: Mindset Reboot & Confidence Building

Session 3: Communication and Presentation skills

Session 4: Effective Networking skills

Session 5: Developing Your Personal Brand and Voice

Session 6: 5 Steps to Landing Your Dream Job

How It Works

Attend a 3-day training on personal leadership and skills development via Zoom. Next Bootcamp starts on July 6 – 8, 2021

You will be assigned to a mentor for one-on-one mentorship with a minimum of 4 meetings during the program.

Participation fee:
Free for successful candidates



Women Entrepreneurs Trained.


Townhall Meetings Held


Women equipped with leadership training.

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