The Plight of Human Trafficking in Nigeria

Italy hosts the second-largest group of Nigerians and is the most important destination for trafficking in persons from that country. The 26 Nigerian women bodies retrieved from the Mediterranean Sea and buried in Italy are said to have been victims of trafficking....

Dishing Out for Dignity

The concept of immigration is a topic so close to my heart. I was lucky enough to pack my life in a few suitcases and move to other side of the world in a legal and dignified manner when my husband was asked to migrate to the Netherlands for his new job. Even though...

UnikBlends Supports Keep Dignity Alive

Every single life is beautiful, unique and precious and it on this note that UnikBlends supports the Keep Dignity Alive campaign, which aims to empower women and girls to make the right choices. My name is Christy Aikhorin, a wife and a mother of 2 kids, the oldest is...


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