BIEL’S Virtual Entrepreneurship Bootcamp For Women and Youths

Our entrepreneurship bootcamp equips and mentors women and girls with the knowledge and skills to become successful entrepreneurs and future business leaders.
Join a practical and hands-on live online program and get ready to come up with an idea, innovate for change and build an impactful business or initiative.

Whether you wish to work in a corporate organization or start your own business, you will gain the skills necessary to excel at work.

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BIEL’s Virtual Entrepreneurship Bootcamp: 8 Weeks of intensive learning

BIEL’s Virtual Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Black Women Entrepreneurs is an intensive, hands-on live online program geared towards imparting entrepreneurial education and mentoring women, with a particular emphasis on black women who are ready to build an impactful business or initiative.

At BIEL Foundation our mission is to help the most vulnerable communities to unleash their potential through entrepreneurship.



Module 1

Entrepreneurship Mindset

Module 2

Innovation and Design Thinking Methodology

Module 3

Succeed Before You Start

Module 4

Business Plan Development/Feasibility Study

Module 5

Marketing Plan and Social Media Strategy

Module 6

Financial Literacy: Pricing, Budget and Cash Flow Plan

Module 7

Team Development, Co-founders and Finding Your Board of Directors

Module 8

Building Strategic Relationships with Business Partners



Mentorship from Business Practitioners.

Receive business skills training and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, preparing you to become a successful entrepreneur and a future business leader.


Find like-minded people to collaborate, brainstorm, learn from, and exchange ideas with.


Using an innovative learning platform, learn entrepreneurial and leadership skills to create and lead your venture or start-up.


Pitch ideas and connect with organizations (and individuals) that can help you raise funding for your start-up and ventures.


8 live classes (one per week). There is a 1-week introductory phase in advance of the program, making the total length of the program 9 weeks. Each class is a 60-minute session, but you have to commit at least 2 hours of your time per week to be able to work on practical exercises.


Classes start on October 3 – November 22, 2021

To learn more about the program, visit the FAQ page

Scholarship spots are available. The application is now open.

Our Impact

Raising future women leaders

Equipping underrepresented women with Tech Business skills

Promoting Innovation through diversity and inclusion

Increasing Equal Opportunities for Black Women and the Vulnerable Groups

Our goal is to train and equip 2,500 women and youths by 2025

About BIEL Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

At BIEL’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, you are guaranteed a unique education that integrates tried and tested business and entrepreneurial principles with real-life experiences and self-discovery.

We challenge you to think critically, to innovate, to evaluate and create, and to see the world from a different and broad viewpoint. You’ll come out from the program as a well-rounded entrepreneur, destined for leadership in a complex, changing, and beautiful world.


To empower women of African descent to unleash their entrepreneurial potential through education and mentorships so as to improve their quality of life.


We value dignity, freedom and creativity.


We believe that we all have talents and gifts that can become valuable to others and help us gain financial independence.

We believe in the financial and economic empowerment of everyone.

We believe that cultivating the right entrepreneurial mindset will improve prosperity for women, families and societies.

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Partner with us to sponsor women, young girls and the vulnerable groups to become the next generation of business leaders.


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