BIEL’S Entrepreneurship Bootcamp For Migrant Women

Providing short and easily accessible vocational and entrepreneurial development training courses, including internship placements and business start-ups. we aim to benefit a cohort of 35 vulnerable young women in the Netherlands every year.



Join our in-person program at the Erasmus University Rotterdam from the 16th of May until the 20th of May.



Whether you wish to work in a corporate organization or start your own business, you will gain the skills necessary to excel at work.

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our bootcamp


The overall goal of the BIEL Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is to create a platform that supports the learning of life skills and enterprise development. This program provides vulnerable women with a good foundation and sufficient resources to build productive and fulfilling lives.

We aim to improve the future lives of at-risk migrants and survivors of trafficking by accelerating their integration into their new homeland and improving their chances of gaining meaningful employment or starting their own businesses. By teaching vulnerable women useful technical skills these young individuals can learn how to advance their career opportunities.



the Program

BIEL’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp: One Week of intensive learning

BIEL’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Migrant Women is an intensive, in-person program geared towards imparting entrepreneurial education and mentoring women, with a particular emphasis on refugee women who are ready to build an impactful business or initiative.

At BIEL Foundation our mission is to help the most vulnerable communities to unleash their potential through entrepreneurship and skills development


16th of May 2022 until the 20th of May 2022


Erasmus University Rotterdam – Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam, Netherlands


Women between the age of 18 – 35 that have migrated to the Netherlands and are now looking for a opportunity to develop their leadership skills


This bootcamp is free of charge for participants.



Module 1

Entrepreneurship, innovation management, leadership, Succeed before you start.


Module 2

Business plan development / Feasibility management and idea generation.


Module 3

Financial literacy.


Module 4

Marketing in a digital and non digital setting.


Module 5




10 to 12 week mentorship program for those that desire long term support.



Mentorship from Business Practitioners.

Receive business skills training and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, preparing you to become a successful entrepreneur and a future business leader.



Find like-minded people to collaborate, brainstorm, learn from, and exchange ideas with.



Using an innovative learning platform, learn entrepreneurial and leadership skills to create and lead your venture or start-up.



Pitch ideas and connect with organizations (and individuals) that can help you raise funding for your start-up and ventures.


This intensive 5-day Bootcamp will provide you with key business knowledge that you require to succeed. Each day will be from 10:00 AM until 3 PM with a 1-hour lunch break. As all of this will be conducted in person at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, you will be required to fully commit to this workshop. Afterwards, you also have the option to join our 10 weeks mentorship program where a practitioner will support your future career path.


Classes start on May 16th – May 20, 2022

To learn more about the program, visit the FAQ page

The application is now open.

Our Impact

Raising future female leaders

Equipping underrepresented women with Tech Business skills.

Promoting Innovation through diversity and inclusion.

Increasing Equal Opportunities for vulnerable Women and girls.

About BIEL Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

At BIEL’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, you are guaranteed a unique education that integrates tried and tested business and entrepreneurial principles with real-life experiences and self-discovery. We challenge you to think critically, to innovate, to evaluate and create, and to see the world from a different and broad viewpoint. You’ll come out from the program as a well-rounded entrepreneur, destined for leadership in a complex, changing, and beautiful world


We value dignity, freedom and creativity.


We believe that we all have talents and gifts that can become valuable to others and help us gain financial independence.

We believe in the financial and economic empowerment of everyone.

We believe that cultivating the right entrepreneurial mindset will improve prosperity for women, families and societies.

Take Action

Make a difference through your contributions.


Partner with us to sponsor women, young girls and the vulnerable groups to become the next generation of business leaders.


Become an Official Sponsor of BIEL’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

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In-kind sponsorships
Become a mentor to 2 women or youths

Existing partners

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with the Centre for African Justice, Peace and Human Rights and the I DO Project on this project!



Van Hoeylaan 29, 2594CN, The Hague Netherlands

30 Mbonu Street, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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