BIEL Foundation was established in 2015 to empower women and youths to unleash their potential and contribute to society. We have since delivered entrepreneurship programs to over 150 women through self-funding efforts.

In 2018, seeing the number of women trafficked from Nigeria and sexually exploited in Europe, we launched a project called Keep Dignity Alive to support the prevention of human trafficking in Nigeria and thereby protect vulnerable women and girls.

Since then, BIEL has conducted awareness programs through town hall meetings and events in Lagos, Nigeria.

BIEL seeks partnership support to scale our entrepreneurship, digital skills and Keep Dignity Alive programs across Nigeria and Europe.





Nigeria is a source, transit, and destination country for women subjected to trafficking and exploited for forced labour and prostitution. Nigeria is one of the leading African countries in human trafficking with internal, cross-border and cross-country trafficking (UNESCO). In terms of cross-country trafficking, thousands of Nigerian women have been forced into labour and prostitution in European countries such as Italy, Spain and The Netherlands – with a population of approximately over 10,000 women in Italy alone.


Low levels of employable skills among vulnerable young women make finding jobs much more difficult for them. This difficulty often forces young women to seek other ways of surviving the harsh economic situation in Nigeria. In many cases, these vulnerable young women see very few options available to them, making them an easy target for human traffickers. 


In most cases, the human trafficking agents promise these vulnerable young women better work opportunities in Europe and other developed nations. Unfortunately, the reality is that many will end up being subjected to different forms of abuse, including forced prostitution, egg donation, and forced labour.


This problem persists and thrives everyday due to massive public ignorance on different ways that human trafficking occurs. Poverty and unemployment also contributes to this menace.


For trafficking to be stopped, these situations need to change. 



Creating awareness and educating people in Nigeria to stop human trafficking

Helping vulnerable women and youths to find better career options so that they do not fall back into the hands of traffickers.

our core values

Every life is beautiful

Every woman and girl has the right to dignity, freedom and a future of their choice. Women’s rights are Human Rights (non-negotiable and indivisible).



We share information that will help vulnerable women and girls to avoid becoming human trafficking victims. No topic is off-limits. There is no shame for victims who are willing to share their stories.



We strive to increase the sense of self-worth and self-confidence of vulnerable women and girls. We believe that every woman has the right to have her voice heard and to make her own choices about how she lives her life. We strive to empower women to avoid the risks of human trafficking giving them the tools, knowledge and support they need.



Together we can change the world. 



We believe in being accountable. We strive to maintain the highest level of ethical behavior in all we do. We take responsibility for our actions.



We listen to experts, and we learn from them. We know that the crime of human trafficking is always evolving, becoming more sophisticated and targeted and we need to continually update our knowledge base. 



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