BIEL Foundation was established in 2015 to empower women and youths to unleash their potential and contribute to society. We have since delivered entrepreneurship programs to a small group of 70 women through self-funding efforts.

In 2018, seeing the number of women that were trafficked from Nigeria and sexually exploited in Europe, we launched a project called Keep Dignity Alive to support the prevention of human trafficking in Nigeria and thereby protect vulnerable women and girls.

Since then, BIEL has conducted awareness programs through town hall meetings and events in Lagos, Nigeria.

BIEL now seeks partnership support to scale our entrepreneurship and Keep Dignity Alive programs across Nigeria and Europe.

Our goal is to train 2500 African women entrepreneurs and black women entrepreneurs in Europe and Africa by 2023.

We plan to equip 115 professionals in the field of Human Trafficking yearly, to create greater awareness of the danger and risks human trafficking.

We rely on the support of our Board members, staff, funders and volunteers to make a greater impact across Nigeria and Europe.

Our Core Values


We apply outside of the box thinking to solve complex issues and deliver innovative results.


We showcase transparency and fairness in all our activities


We focus on excellence so as to achieve the desired results.



Van Hoeylaan 29, 2594CN, The Hague Netherlands

30 Mbonu Street, Port Harcourt, Nigeria



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